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Move apart, George R. R. Martin. Rian Johnson evidently enjoys offing figures a lot more than you do. Johnson’s apparent bloodlust resulted in a astonishing range of fatalities in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Supreme Leader Snoke didn’t make it to the 3rd chapter, but now lies in a few sections. Luke Skywalker is catching up on significantly-necessary father and son time within the Pressure. Vice admiral Amilyn Holdo is stardust, and Captain Phasma is very likely ash. Johnson even killed off Admiral Akbar, two porgs, and practically all of the Resistance. That last one is the most significant in terms of shaping the forthcoming sequel. The Resistance hardly exists, and the call for enable to other individuals in the galaxy was not heard.

Yes, there is the kid with the broom who signifies hope current. The body weight of that expose turns into far more essential if extensive amounts of time move in between the gatherings of The Final Jedi and Episode IX. If minor time passes, the opening scroll for the next chapter could be alongside the lines of “The Resistance is in determined have to have of aid,” or “The Initially Order tightens its grip on the galaxy.” If several years pass, the opening could be “Rey is coaching a new era of Jedi, and “The Resistance is getting on a new shape.”

No matter whether a bounce in time is manufactured or not, The Last Jedi still left a sizeable breadcrumb trail for Abrams to abide by, should really he pick out. I’ve witnessed the movie 3 periods now, and have set alongside one another a checklist of plot threads I imagine we will see continue on or conclude in Episode IX.

Rey builds a lightsaber
In one particular of The Final Jedi’s final pictures, we see Rey speaking to Leia aboard the Millennium Falcon. If you seem intently, Rey is keeping the remains of Darth Vader’s lightsaber – the blue Power crystal is obvious. If minor time passes, I think we will see Rey develop her individual lightsaber, probably a double-sided just one considerably like her personnel. If additional time passes, I believe she will have this weapon, but its origin won’t be discussed.

Kylo Ren turns into Darth Vader 2.
Snoke built a comment about Kylo Ren getting the subsequent Darth Vader, but then known as him a weak boy. Kylo defeated Snoke, and is in all probability pounding his upper body about the victory. His line of thinking just after this second is possibly “I am the following Darth Vader.” I fully suspect this indicates he will provide terror back again to the galaxy. We’ll also most likely see the return of the helmet, or probably a new mildew with a bit much more Vader to it.

Luke Skywalker returns with pals in tow
If Episode IX‘s script follows what has occur in advance of, Luke will likely return as a Pressure ghost for a scene wherever he imparts knowledge on his one particular-working day Padawan. In an interview with Huffington Write-up, Johnson hints that Abrams and co-writer Chris Terrio could explore what transpires to a Jedi when they merge with the Force. “The idea of Luke obtaining passed into one more realm and what the &#13
possible could be there for his involvement, that appears like it just &#13
presents you a full other realm to get into if [Abrams and Terrio] selected &#13
to in the next film,” he stated. As substantially as I would appreciate observing what’s on the other side, providing explanation to this mystical factor may be a lousy notion, until of class this usually means we get to see Ewan McGregor as ghost Obi-Wan. If that is the case, expend fifty percent of the movie in Force Ghost Environment.

Poe Dameron prospects the Resistance
Leia generally handed the Resistance over to Poe on Crait. The “really don’t seem at me, follow him” second rings of the long run. Poe might have been reckless up to this place, but recognizing he could not defeat the 1st Order on Crait demonstrates a diploma of modify. He’ll possible be more like Leia in how he qualified prospects the Resistance in Episode IX.

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Broom Boy Is A person of Quite a few
I detest to say this, but Broom Boy has a identify, and it truly is variety of awful. He is Temiri Blagg, defender of fathier freedom. I am guessing we will see him all over again in Episode IX, either as a Padawan in coaching or as an older leader of a Resistance workforce. He represents hope for the galaxy, and will probably be one particular of several pockets of fighters who were inspired by the legend of Luke Skywalker. I imagine we will see the galaxy unite and increase up in opposition to the To start with Get in this following film. The times of viewing a smaller crew of resourceful rebels help you save the day are most likely driving us. I assume a massive, galaxy-large war.

Finn and Rose Unfold the Phrase
I suspect Finn and Rose will as soon as yet again be significantly eradicated from Rey and Poe in Episode IX. Rose planted the seed of hope on Canto by demonstrating Blagg the ring. I could see Finn and Rose likely doorway to door (or planet to world) to develop up the Resistance.

Leia is Described, Not Demonstrated
The Pressure Awakens targeted on Han Solo. The Previous Jedi place Luke Skywalker in the highlight. Episode IX was supposed to Normal Leia’s film. I am guessing the first plan was for Leia to confront her son and possibly turn or conclusion him. That obviously won’t occur now. That tale now falls to Rey. I do not imagine we’ll see Leia at all – not as a hologram, or even as a voice more than an intercom. I am guessing she will still be alive and very well, and a part of the Resistance. We’ll listen to of her heroics, but that’s it.

The Knights of Ren
We briefly observed Kylo Ren leading a small group of intensely armored warriors in Rey’s aspiration sequence in Force Awakens. At the time, we considered this vision confirmed us how Luke’s college students ended up killed. The rain may perhaps inform us a thing diverse. It wasn’t raining when Luke’s academy was burned to the floor. This could be a long run eyesight that will attain clarity in Episode IX. No matter if which is accurate or not, Ren will very likely have the knights at his side to damage as substantially as he can. A last showdown among Rey and Ren is of course in the playing cards, but I wager we see a struggle in between the Knights and Rey’s personal Power-driven team just before the masters exchange blows.

Rey’s Dad and mom
Abrams likely will never improve who they are, but you will find a possibility we’ll see them in a flashback sequence. I consider this story owes us at least that considerably. I am in the camp of loving that they are nobodies. That reveal makes Rey a additional dynamic character. I would like to see who they ended up in a film, not a Marvel comedian.

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